Banking for non Bankers

Banking for non Bankers aims at all those people who lack specialist knowledge of economics and finance, yet constantly face such issues and have to take decisions. That is, Banking for non Bankers aims at everybody.

It is a series of practical guides. They offer readers practical tips and ideas that will make their everyday life easier.

Costas Kokkinos uses his 35 year long professional experience in the financial sector to write books in simple, everyday language, avoiding any incomprehensible jargon. He analyzes his point of view on several financial issues and concerns, that all of us face, and offers information and stimuli, so that everyone can successfully address such matters.

“Distressed Housing Loans” is the first book in the Banking for non Bankers series. It addresses the burning issue of non performing housing loans and explains how a borrower could deal with such a problem.

Based on real-life facts, Costas Kokkinos explains, in just a few pages, how a banker thinks and acts, but most importantly he suggests effective solutions, using simple examples, so that all readers can reach the solution that best fits their situation.